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Interspersed between chapters of the audiobook version of The Britannias are excerpts from two albums of music created through artistic collaborations that took place during the writing of the book.

Sink is an inspired, improvising, multi-instrumental trio from Edinburgh who also created the Pianodrome. In the opening chapter of The Britannias Alice describes the Orkney ‘Resonancy’ at Maeshowe, a Neolithic chambered cairn in Orkney aligned with the setting winter solstice sun. Alice and Sink experimented with the acoustic of different Neolithic sites in Orkney including the Dwarfie stone on the island of Hoy. This led to a public concert in the World War two era oil tank on Hoy, which became Sink’s album Hoy Sound.

During the writing of the Isles of Scilly chapter of The Britannias Alice visited the island of St Agnes with the artists Rose Gibbs and Léonie Hampton, and local musician Full of Noises, to make a short art film ‘Zenae’. The film can be seen here.

Full of Noises is releasing the soundtrack as a standalone album, Islands of Women.