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Zenae by Islands of Women

Zenae is a film made in collaboration between Rose Gibbs, Alice Albinia and Léonie Hampton as the Islands of Women Collective.  With music by Full of Noises.  If you would like to see the film please do contact us directly at for the password.

The short film Zenae (duration 16 min)

Takes its cue from ancient literature on matriarchal migration into Britain, reflects upon our ecological inheritance, and draws out the relationship between the work women traditionally do, caring for others, and the work of caring for the earth. It is inspired by a series of clues found in Greek, Roman, and medieval texts, including a late medieval poem about some Syrian sisters’ flight to the then unoccupied islands of Britain. The film contemplates the losses that rising sea-levels will bring, and through a focus on the natural world, seeks to find a ways of looking that promotes and protects a more nurturing approach to the land and our bodies.

Islands of Women Collective

Islands of Women (writer Alice Albinia, artists Rose Gibbs and Léonie Hampton) is a multi-disciplinary creative practice, set up to explore ancient and contemporary feminist cultures. It takes its name from Alice’s literary research into islands ruled by women. The collective enacts metaphorical rites of passage by performing walks between islands, across sea-bed now passable at low tide but which – with rising sea levels – will be permanently covered in the future. In so doing they reflect on our ecological inheritance, and link the climate crisis and its part in conflicts that have led to mass migration. The collective seeks to find visual, performative and literary languages, to revive old stories and create new ones.

— Music by Full of Noises
— Sound production by John Elliott. Sound post production by Sam Britton
— Edited by Martin Hampton of Still/Moving
— Made with the Support of Arts Council England

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